Member of the Teeuwissen Group

Teeuwissen ( is a leading international player in the collection and processing of meat by-products. Together with partners, suppliers and customers Teeuwissen guarantees an optimum valorisation of meat and meat by-products. Our products are used in the food, feed and pharma sector. These sectors tie in with each other nicely, bringing logical synergy benefits for all links in the chain.

Because of the worldwide exploitation of gutrooms in slaughterhouses, Teeuwissen is able to operate close to the source. At these gutrooms our own people work with our own machines. By keeping the management in our own hands, we can guarantee high quality products.


Our company consists of a worldwide network of joint ventures and companies and our products are sold in over 60 countries. Our own distribution facilities and over 30 years of international experience (we hold all the required certificates and comply with all applicable legislation) enable us to meet all requirements all over the world.


Teeuwissen has been part of the SARIA Group since 2010. SARIA Group is a leading international producer of quality products for human consumption, animal nutrition, aquaculture, pharmaceutical and industrial applications and for the agricultural sector. SARIA Group also generates renewable energy and provides services for the agricultural sector and the food industry. (

The company primarily focuses on the production of top-grade proteins and fats extracted from animal by-products. SARIA Group employs around 8,000 people in 19 countries worldwide.