Topcasings member of the HBS
The HBS is the Dutch organization that nationally and internationally looks after the interests  of the traders and the processors of slaughter by-products and natural casings. The current HBS, the "Bond van Handelaren in- en Bewerkers van Slachtproducten" (Dutch Association of Traders and Processors of Slaughter by-products) was founded in 1949 by the de traders and processors themselves.

The policy of the HBS is aimed at preventing and reducing trade restraints. The HBS members play an active role in international research projects to increase the safety and application of natural casings. 

The trade in slaughter by-products and natural casings has a strong international focus. The members of HBS jointly represent some 15% of the world trade in natural casings. The HBS supports its members with promotional and information materials and various activities.

The HBS works closely with international affiliate organizations. The HBS is a member of the European Natural Sausage Casing Association (ENSCA). In the Netherlands, the HBS is a member of the Central Organisation for the Meat Sector (COV). Regular talks are conducted with the Dutch government on veterinary policy and the Dutch contribution within the European Union, and with regard to third countries.

Topcasings member of the ENSCA

The ENSCA is the "European Natural Sausage Casings Association". ENSCA is an association that counts as her members the different (national) interest groups, producers, suppliers and traders of natural casing product. The ENSCA operates internationally and looks after the interests of the  sector in 11 European countries.

Among the goals of the ENSCA are:

- to promote free and fair trade of natural casings as product of animal origin suitable for human consumption
-  to represent the national associations of the different member states of the European Union
- to coordinate and support contacts of members with their national authorities in cooperation with the national member association concerned
- to co-operate with such European bodies by providing expert advice
- to establish and improve official links between the natural sausage casings industry and organizations dealing with issues relating to the industry

Topcasings member of the INSCA

INSCA (International Natural Sausage Casings Association) is the only international association for the natural sausage casing industry. Members include producers, suppliers and brokers of natural casing products. Additional membership categories are available to manufacturers of equipment used in the processing of natural casings, general animal by-products or any casings related fields as well as for national associations representing sausage casing companies.

INSCA offers a diversity of member nationalities, backgrounds, casings businesses and geographic locations. This diversity is the backbone of the synergy and emergence of ideas, innovations and progress in the casings industry.