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TOP-Casings B.V. was founded in 2000 in Lochem, Gelderland (The Netherlands) and is one of the main international players in the field of natural casings. We produce and distribute natural casings globally and we can also supply artificial casings.

TOP-Casings B.V. is a part of the Teeuwissen Group. Teeuwissen is one of the most prominent producers / suppliers of natural casings worldwide and is in control of the whole process:

The pork casings are cleaned in our own gut rooms at slaughterhouses worldwide. Next, the pork casings are selected and calibrated in our own selection factories that have EU-approval and which are also in compliance with all HACCP and BRC guidelines. The casings are distributed globally, partly through sister companies or daughter companies such as TOP-Casings B.V.

Premium Quality 

The cooperation between
Teeuwissen and TOP-Casings
resulted in a new innovative
product: Premium Quality
hog casings. Read more >

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    Artificial casings

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    Natural casings

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